Where are my pictures so I can upload them to SlideshowGo.Com?

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SlideshowGo.Com can only access pictures that reside on your device (your laptop, tablet, or phone). We cannot automatically access pictures that you may have on Facebook, Instagram, or in Google Photos.

If you are browsing for your photos on your device and are not seeing them, they probably don’t reside on it. To get your photos on it, you’ll need to login to Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, etc. and download the pictures you want to your device. After you’ve downloaded the photos you want, you can then click the SlideshowGo Upload Box and your photos will appear for you to upload.

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SlideshowGo.com is a cloud based photo slideshow maker that lets users create a free beautiful slideshow in minutes. No phone app or download is required, just a web browser on a phone or laptop. Watch us create a wedding photo slideshow in one minute in this video.

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